My passion to explore, ability to collaborate with people, methodological design perspective and deep interest in human-centered design draw me to the works by Charles and Ray Eames. “To whom does design address itself: to the greatest number, to the specialist of an enlightened matter, to a privileged social class? Design addresses itself to the need.” It is a quote from Charles Eames talking about a key element of Design. Design is to meet people’s needs. This is what the Eames believe and this is what shapes me as a designer. 

The trend of deign is always changing, but the purpose of design has never changed. Besides giving out good art and good visual language, being a designer is also about the ability to do systems thinking and to response to social change. More than meets the eye, to design means to concern, to response and to enquire about the rapidly accelerating world. From that, my goal is to create solutions that fits in a deeper situational or social sense. Solutions that amazes us, delights us and catches our attention; at the same time, it certainly opens us to something new within our daily existence. 

I have a strong interest in human-centered design and problem solving process. I enjoy working in branding & packaging along with explorations in publication design, user-based interaction design and illustration. This website is a display of past projects and current works in progress.

I attended Art Center College of Design after three years of majoring the Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts major in UCSD. I were born and raised in Hong Kong, moved to San Francisco in 2001. Currently, I live in Los Angeles. 

2008-2011 Art Center College of Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design
2005-2008 UCSD, The Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts major 

+1 626 688 5342 
Los Angeles, CA, United States